Sunnforest Plough Disc Blade


Sunnforest Plough Disc Blade

Sunnforest Disc plough is specially designed, manufactured and borrowed according the features of foreign disc plough, it is  Fully-suspended with four wheel tractor. And the discs are rotary motion when tuning the soil. This mounted disk plow is especially suitable for cultivation in the land with weeds, stems and frictional soil with bricks.
Disc Plough can be mounted on to tractor, and is easy to cut off crop stalks. etc.Disc Plough angle is also adjustable.

Sunnforest can also custom made Disc Plough according to customer's requirement and specification. Contact us for more details on your Disc Plough blade requirement.

Plough Disc Blade

Sunnforest Plough Disc Blade

Sunnforest Plough Disc
1. The disc plough is directly mounted to the Tractors.
2. The plough is a hydraulically operated basic implement for the preparation of land.
3. It is available in a basic 2, 3, 4, 5- furrow version with the kit for converting ploughs
with even more furrows.
4. The Disc Plough is especially useful in hard and dry trashy, stumply land conditions
and in soils where scouring is a major problem.
5. Heavy-duty frame has high trash clearance allowing the plough to operate under
heavy crop residual.
6. Being fully mounted and comparatively lighter in weight results lighter draft as
compared to equivalent trailed plough where more power is required to operate
and consequently higher operating costs
Advantages of Sunnforest Disc Plough:
 1. Only partial inversion of the soil so that plant residue is left on the surface,
thus reducing the erosion risk and water losses by evaporation.
2. Mixing action on loose soils.
3. Rolls over obstacles so that hardly any breakage occurs.
4. Lower risk of choking (sugarcane, cotton, maize).
5. Fewer problems with sticky soils.
6. Hardly any smearing of the furrow bottom (plough sole).
7. The wear is spread over the entire circumference of the disc (2m of cutting edge
on discs with a diameter of 65cm).
8. The discs are self sharpening.
9. Easier adjustment.
Plough Disc for Tractor
Different Sizes of Plough Disc
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