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KAMA or Taishan (TS) Tractor Introduction

Taishan (TS) Tractor was built in 1960.  It has over 50 years production experience and manufacturing technique. We are one of the important manufacturing base of large and medium horse power tractors or matching engines. Currently, we have two solely-funded subsidiaries (engine company and forging company) and one branch plant as well as 10 directly-governed workshops (gear, large piece, small piece, pressing, chasis, digital control, general assembly, and equipment etc.), totaling 460 million Yuan. there are 4000 plus staff totally. The plant occupies a land area of 1.07 million Square meters, 480 thousand square meters of which are for production management. Also, we have 40-plus processing flow lines and 2800 pcs of machines as well as a total of 1000 technicians. Because we are strong in technical force, and advanced in process design, perfect in quality guarantee system and complete in test approaches, we have successfully passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification.

The backbone products of enterprise include 70 plus kinds of TS (Taishan) and KM (Kama) large and medium hp series tractors and 40 kinds of FD two or four cylinder diesel engines, as well as some other matching farm implements. The annual production capacity can respectively reach 25 thousand and 20 thousand. Meanwhile, the power range of our products range from 20 to 120hp, so, we are regarded as the enterprise in China which has the wide applications and most varieties. TS and FD both enjoy high reputation and popularity among market.

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kama or taishan-tractor-TS1000-TS1004.
  Kama / Taishan Tractor  TS1000 / TS1004
Taishan / Kama Tractor TS250 / TS254
  Kama / Taishan Tractor  TS250 / TS254
  Kama / Taishan Tractor  TS300 / TS304
Kama / taishan tractor TS450-TS454.
  Kama / Taishan Tractor  TS450-TS454
Kama / Taishan Tractor TS550 - TS554-with-cabin
  Kama / Taishan Tractor  TS550 / TS554 With Cabin
Kama / taishan-tractor-TS900-TS904-With-Cabin
  Kama / Taishan Tractor  TS900 /TS904 With Cabin
kama / taishan-tractor-TS850-TS854-with-cabin
  Kama / Taishan Tractor  TS850 /TS854 With Cabin
kama / taishan tractor TS1204 with cabin
  Kama / Taishan Tractor  TS1204 With Cabin
Kama / Taishan(TS) Tractor 25hp-35hp

Kama TS250  Kama TS254  Kama TS254C  Kama TS300  Kama TS350  Kama TS354  Kama TS354C

Kama / Taishan(TS) Tractor 45hp-55hp

Kama TS400  Kama TS404  Kama TS450  Kama TS454  Kama TS500  Kama TS504  Kama TS554

Kama /Taishan (TS) Tractor 80hp-100hp

Kama TS800  Kama KM804/TS804  KM900  Kama TS904  KM1000  KM1004

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