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Sunnforest Fertilizer Spreader

Sunnforest Fertilizer Spreader CDR series is a fertiilzer machine designed according to USA technology ,mainly used to apply base fertilizer before tillage,sow seeds after tillage and spread seeds and manure in grassland and has advantages of compact structure,wide range of applying, high productivity, een broadcast sowing and so on.


Sunnforest Fertilizer Spreader Products

 Fertilizer Spreader
Model: CDR-260
Overall Size: 0.9*0.9*0.95m
Capacity: 180-200 kgs
Working Width: 10-30 m
Travel Speed: 5-15 m/s
Total Weight: 60 kgs
Matched Power: 18-25 Hp
Linkage: Three-point mounted

Model: CDR-600
Overall Size: 1.05*1*0.95m
Capacity: 260-300 kgs
Working Width: 12-30 m
Travel Speed: 6-15 m/s
Total Weight: 80 kgs
Matched Power: 30-40 Hp
Linkage: Three-point mounted
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