Sunnforest Slasher Lawn Mower


Sunnforest Slasher Lawn Mower

A complete range of Lawn Mower, Lawn Slasher is available from Sunnforest .

Sunnforest Slasher lawn Mower Products

9g Lawn Mower / Slasher
9G lawn mower / Slasher makes use of an offset type crank connecting rod mechanism to drive a cutting knife to carry out the mowing operation. The mower is mainly suitable for the native grass and planted grass mowing operations in the pasture land in the agricultural and pastoral areas, and mountainous area and hill pasture lands. The mower has the advantages of reasonable structure, low stubble cutting, reliable use, etc.
9GB Lawn Mower
This sickle-bar mower  perfect for mowing all types of hay crops, mowing pond dams, road banks, under fences, terraces, clipping pastures and much more. The sickle cutter bar mower has a completely redesigned cutter-bar that enable a quickly replacement of the double-guards.

1. Double knife cutterbars have the advantage of a dynamic balance achieved by having two exactly similar knives reciprocate in opposited irections thereby generating less vibration than single knife cutter bars;
2. Cutter-b ar mowers tend to clog up under dense grass therefore operated in low forward speed;
3. Low power requirement in 15-30hp tractor;
4. Prising up the cutter-bar from external side;
5. Working inclined cutter-bar position +90°/60°.able use, etc.
A complete range of lawn mower products is available from Sunnforest. Contact us for all your farm lawn mower equipment requirement.
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