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Dongfeng Trucks



1 C3415394 Tapping screw DONGFENG
2 C3415338 Parameter plate DONGFENG
3 1000020-E2701 L375 20 Engine assembly DONGFENG
4 C4928830 Cylinder body DONGFENG
5 C3918776 Crankshaft gear DONGFENG
6 C3904483 Location pin DONGFENG
7 3965010 Crankshaft DONGFENG
8 C3976841 Crankshaft assembly DONGFENG
9 C3948095 Cylinder sleeve DONGFENG
10 C3926048 O-seal ring DONGFENG
11 C3909025 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
12 C3907177 Rectangular seal ring DONGFENG
13 C3901969 Cap plug DONGFENG
14 C3901846 Location pin DONGFENG
15 C3900257 Location pin DONGFENG
16 C3008468 Socket taper plug DONGFENG
17 3965966 Tappet rod body DONGFENG
18 3959291 Piston cooling nozzle DONGFENG
19 3944163 Crankshaft thrust bearing DONGFENG
20 3944158 Upper crankshaft bearing DONGFENG
21 3944153 Lower crankshaft bearing DONGFENG
22 C3975443 Label bag DONGFENG
23 C3974406 Label DONGFENG
24 C3944293 Gear compartment sealing gasket DONGFENG
25 C3943885 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
26 C3938086 Gear compartment DONGFENG
27 C3926846 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
28 C3915772 Rectangular seal ring DONGFENG
29 C3919683 Timing pin seat DONGFENG
30 C3913994 O-seal ring DONGFENG
31 C3904849 Lock ring DONGFENG
32 C3903924 Timing pin DONGFENG
33 C3913995 Timing pin seat assembly DONGFENG
34 C3907998 Round head screw DONGFENG
35 C3008469 Socket taper plug DONGFENG
36 C3678925 O-seal ring DONGFENG
37 C3678924 Socket taper plug DONGFENG
38 C3678923 Plug DONGFENG
39 C3678922 Socket plug DONGFENG
40 C3678912 O-seal ring DONGFENG
41 C3678921 Plug assembly DONGFENG
86 10Z66-01014 Right support for engine front suspension DONGFENG
87 10Z66-01013 Left support for engine front suspension DONGFENG
88 Q32012 Hexagon flange nuts DONGFENG
89 Q18412120-0H1 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
90 Q1841030 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
91 C3944312 Generator brace DONGFENG
92 C3902460 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
93 C3901249 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
94 C3415692 Generator support DONGFENG
95 C4930794 Generator DONGFENG

42 CS 923 E Water drain valve DONGFENG
43 3971385 Cylinder body DONGFENG
44 Q40110 Plain washer DONGFENG
45 Q340B10 Hexagon nuts, style 1 DONGFENG
46 Q150B1040 Hexagon head bolt DONGFENG
47 Q150B1040 Hexagon head bolt DONGFENG
48 C4938842 Air conditioner compressor assembly DONGFENG
49 C4938841 Air conditioner compressor support DONGFENG
50 Q1841030 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
51 81N12-04012 V-belt DONGFENG
52 C3979316 Tensioner assembly DONGFENG
53 C3976440 Air compressor outlet pipe DONGFENG
54 C3976439 Air compressor intake pipe DONGFENG
55 C3415327 Elbow joint body DONGFENG
56 Q1840816-0H1 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
57 Q1840620 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
58 C4063520 Cover plate DONGFENG
59 C3991306 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
60 C3970886 Crankcase ventilation washer DONGFENG
61 C3900589 Hexagon flange nuts DONGFENG
62 3974546 Engine oil return pipe DONGFENG
63 3964093 Respirator compartment DONGFENG
64 3967014 Torsional vibration damper DONGFENG
65 3943978 Crank pulley DONGFENG
66 3914118 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
67 Q32012 Hexagon flange nuts DONGFENG
68 Q1841030 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
69 C4936535 Air compressor DONGFENG
70 C3976797 Combination hose DONGFENG
71 C3976749 Elbow joint assembly DONGFENG
72 C3940245 Hydraulic pressure pump seal gasket DONGFENG
73 C3937122 Stud DONGFENG
74 C3934079 Air compressor support DONGFENG
75 C3415607 Air compressor gear DONGFENG
76 C3415606 Distance piece DONGFENG
77 C3415333 Elbow joint body DONGFENG
78 A3901757 Hexagon flange bolts DONGFENG
79 60205 Primary front bearing of transmission DONGFENG
80 C3008469 Socket taper plug DONGFENG
81 Q40310 Spring washer DONGFENG
82 Q40310 Spring washer DONGFENG
83 Q40110 Plain washer DONGFENG
84 Q40312 Spring washer DONGFENG
85 C3967247 Hexagon head bolt DONGFENG
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