Sunnforest Lavatory Hoses for GSE

GSE Lavatory hose
Sunnforest Lavatory Hose is a durable, crush resistant urethane lavatory hose with air tight durable cuffs use in airline ground support lavatory waste vacuum application in Singapore, China and worldwide.

Sunnforest Lavatory hose is based on the utilization of advanced raw materials and a problem solving approach for ramp use. Sunnforest flexible hose is used  for many applications including air, fume and dust collection. We are fully committed to ensure customer satisfaction through high quality, continuous improvement, and innovative technology. 

Sunnforest Lavatory Waste Hose... Crush-RESISTANT DESIGN
Sunnforest Lav Hose is a new crush-proof and drag-resistant all thermoplastic polyurethane reinforced hose.  The hose is all thermoplastic polyurethane reinforced with a crush-proof urethane helix that withstands equipment traffic and dragging over ramp surfaces. The hose features thermally bonded cuffs which provide a tight seal for all styles of lav fittings.

The hose is highly flexible with a smooth interior for unrestricted flow.  This rugged hose is made without glues, cements, or adhesives and is chemical, moisture and UV/ozone resistant.


Crush proof.  Able to withstand being run over by vehicles and/or stepped on

Thermally bonded cuffs attached to the ends of the hose to provide tight seal for all fittings

No glues, cements, or adhesives are used

Designed especially for the rigors of the ramp environment
Specifications: Sunnforest Lavatory Waste Hose
All 100 % pure polyester polyurethane with addition of flame protection. Reinforced with crushproof helix

4 1/8" (104.8 mm) (Other diameters available upon request)

.570 +/- .020" (14.48 mm +/- 0.51)

7, 10, 12, 14, or 15 Feet (2.13, 3, 3.66, 4.27, or 4.6 Meters) (Custom lengths available upon request)

Extra Heavy Duty Lavatory Cuff

-40 F to 195 F (- 40 C. to 90.55 C)

Translucent Blue. Clear, Black or other colors are available upon request.
LAVM14BL-14ft-Clear-Blue Hose-With-Cuff
LAVM14BL-14ft-Clear-Blue Hose With Cuff
Lavatory Hose Product Specification
Length              Part Number             Description
7 FT                  LAVM07BL               7 FT  Clear Blue Lavatory Hose with Cuff
10 FT                LAVM10BL               10 FT Clear Blue Lavatory Hose with Cuff
12 FT                LAVM12BL               12 FT Clear Blue Lavatory Hose with Cuff
14 FT                LAVM14BL               14 FT Clear Blue Lavatory Hose with Cuff
15 FT                LAVM15BL               15 FT Clear Blue Lavatory Hose with Cuff
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