FYH Ball Bearings

FYH Bearing Detailed Product Description

FYH is the oldest and largest manufacturer of mounted ball bearing units in Japan. We began production of industrial mounted units for the Japanese market in 1950, and since then, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of mounted units worldwide.
Decades of experience have lead to the development of myriad advancements including automated production for individual self-aligning structure bearings which has allowed us to control and fabricate high quality metallic and ceramic bearings while adhering to extremely strict guidelines and tolerances. These manufacturing techniques, in conjunction with the utilization of high quality materials, are what truly set FYH apart from the competition.
FYH abides by stringent Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) for selection of materials and production methods and, in contrast to today’s commercially available bearings, our products’ surface finishing state is beyond that of JIS bearing specifications.
Sunnforest can supply FYH Bearings of all kinds for various industries. Contact us for more information.


FYH Bearings Product Range

FYH Bearings
Our FYH bearings product range from Standard Pillow Block Units Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Series
consisting of Pillow Blocks, Flange Units, Cartridge Units, Take Up Units, Hanger Bearings Units,
Framed Take-up Units.

FHY Stainless Steel Series consist of Stainless Housing and Inserts highly recommended for Food and
Chemical Industries.

FYH Bearings Clean Series consist of Inner ring and set screw with anti-corrosive plating, waterproof
rubber coated cover. It is also lightweight and compact in design by anti-corrosive housing with
superior sealing and pre lubricate bearings.
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