Sunnforest Harrow Disc Blade


Sunnforest Harrow Disc Blade

Sunnforest Harrow disc for disc harrow are used in tilling and inverting your soil.. Our harrow disc are with material of 65Mn. This quality harrow disc have been exported to many countries including Europe and North America.
There are many kinds of harrow disc with different appearance: plain harrow disc, notched harrow disc, scallop harrow disc... Besides the harrow disc may be with many different hole: round, square, hex, ...
The material cost affect much on harrow disc.

Disc blades are ideal for penetrating compact soil. The disc harrow blades we sell feature sharp cutting edges and excel as tillage tools

If you have any requirement, please Contact Us and tell us the harrow disc diameter, thickness, concavity, destination port, and better with drawing, so that we can make accurate calculation for your requirement.
Harrow Disc Blade for Harrow

Sunnforest Harrow Disc Blade

Sunnforest Harrow Disc Blade
Sunnforest Harrow Disc Blade
Sunnforest Harrow Disc Blade
Disc Blade:
Sunnforest is one of the professional manufacturer of discs for plough and harrow. We have a full-automatic disc blade production line in China. Sunnforest, is the only manufacturer of 28MNB5, 30MNB5, 38MNB5, 40MNB5 disc blade.We can yearly produce 600,000 pcs of 65Mn and 60Si2Mn plough disc, harrow disc and so on.

65Mn spring steel,boron steel,38MnB5,40MnB5

1.Harrow disc blade,plough disc blade,round disc blade,notched disc blade,flat disc blade.
2.Thickness from 3mm to 12mm all availible,and diameter from 254mm to 956mm generally,also accept OEM.
3.Round,notched,flat and so on,OEM welcomed depends on design drawings or samples.
4.Hardness,38-46HRC for 65Mn spring steel,and 48-50HRC for boron steel.c and so on.

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Contact us for all your harrow disc and harrow disc blade requirement.

Harrow Disc Blade
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