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Foton tractor,a series tractors appeared in the Chinese tractor market in 2000. It adopts new advanced technology in the world and provide a range of tractors from 20hp to 265hp.

Foton equipment mainly engaged in harvesting, planting machinery, small medium and large tractors, and small construction machinery. Agricultural Equipment Division in just a few years time, by achieving the breakthrough, beyond leading to the leapfrog development of the cause of the size of the business has more than 5 billion yuan, became the leading enterprises of the agricultural machinery sector. Its possession Leiwo Ceres , Lei Woou Leopard, Valley of God God Lang has become a government attaches importance to farmers like the well-known brands, including Ceres, Lei Woou leopard even been recognized as industry, China s agriculture With the first brand.

Foton tractors can come with foldable ROPs, spring seat for comfortable outdoor jobs, safe cabin with hot and air conditioning,Perkins engine,etc and all kinds of implements for you choice. canopy,turf tyre , air braking , sunshade , multi-way valve ,creeper,etc are optional.

Perkins engine model:
Foton 60 series, Perkins 1004-4TR or perkins1004-4T EPA2,Foton 80 series, Perkins 1004-4TR,Foton1254, Perkins1006-6T.

Foton is also one of China's largest auto manufacturers, producing LCV s, MVC s, HVC s and buses.

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Foton 250 Tractor With Turf Tire
Foton 250 Tractor With Turf Tire
Foton 254 Tractor With ROPS
Foton 254 Tractor With ROPS
Foton 404 Tractor With Front End Loader
Foton 404 Tractor With Front End Loader
Foton 824 Tractor Package
Foton 824 Tractor Package
Foton 1454 Tractor
Europard 824 tractor
Europard 824 Tractor
Foton 824 Tractors
Foton 504 Tractor
Foton 904 Tractor

 Europard 754 tractor
Foton Europard 754 with ROPS and Canopy
Foton TA704 Tractor
Foton TF1054 Tractor
Foton Tractor TE series(20-35hp) Tractors

Foton TE200  Foton TE204   Foton TE250   Foton TE254   Foton TE304  Foton TE320  Foton TE324

Foton TB series(35-60hp) Tractors

Foton TB354  Foton TB400  Foton TB404  Foton TB454  Foton TB500  Foton TB504

Foton TA series(60-80hp) Tractors

Foton TA600  Foton TA604  Foton TA650  Foton TA654  Foton TA700  Foton TA704  Foton TA750  Foton TA754

Foton TD series(82-95hp) Tractors

Foton TD820  Foton TD824  Foton TD900  Foton TD904

Foton TF series(105-125hp) Tractors

Foton TF1054  Foton TF1254

Foton TG series(125-165hp) Tractors

Foton TG1254  Foton TG1454  Foton TG1654

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