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Sunnforest Enterprises Overview

Summary of Sunnforest Main Activities

Sunnforest Enterprises started as a modest operation retailing in Industrial Hardware & Automobile hardware and spare parts  in   Singapore & China since 1992. 

Today, we have expanded to provide a range of products and services ranging from Consumer Electronics, IT Products, Stationeries, Heavy Automobile & Industrial Equipment & Supplies, Building Materials, Marine Supplies to food products distributing & exporting to Large Department Stores, Duty Free Shops, Hotel & Resort Operators and wholesalers, Marine Operators, shipyards, Airlines, Property Developer & big organization like UN, WHO around the world from Singapore and China.

Sunnforest Business Strategy

Sunnforest Enterprises has sales offices & warehouses in Singapore, Indonesia,Germany,Japan and China. We buy in bulk, and we strive to offer best competitive prices to all our valued customers worldwide. 

Our company‚Äôs product portfolio currently includes Industrial & Construction Equipment & Spare Parts,Materials handling Equipment & Related Spare Parts,Airport GSE, Industrial machinery & Spare Parts,Marine Equipment & supply, Hotel  & Resort & general supplies,etc Due to support from a good network of affiliate companies & partners well as manufacturers in Singapore and China, we are able to penetrate the various sectors successfully, particularly in Europe, US, Africa, China, Singapore, Indonesia and the Middle East.

Sunnforest Products & Services

1)   Industrial Electronics for Aviation,Marine and Construction Industries, and Automation Electronics

2)   Construction, Agricultural & Materials Machinery & Industrial Equipment Supplies

3)   Automobile, Construction, Industrial Equipment & Related Spare parts

4)   Marine Equipment & Spare parts

5)   Airport Handling Equipment (Ground Support Equipment) like Pallet Dollies, Container dollies, Baggage Cart, etc

10) Material Handling Equipment (e.g. Forklift, Lift Table, Lifting equipment)

11) Drum handling Equipment

12) Chinese and Korean Forklift Brand Forklift and Forklift Spare parts

13) Conveyor belts and Conveyor Systems

14) Industrial Tyres

15) Safety Equipment like Industrial Gloves, Marine Grade Gloves, etc

16)  Industrial Minerals like Garnet, Magnesium, Aluminium, Titanium, etc

17)   Hotel Amenities & Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Accessories & General Supplies for Hotels, Resorts , etc

18)  Custom Made Bags & Special Design Bags

19) Packaging Materials Like Mesh Nets Bags for Fruits/vegetables packaging

20) Original & OEM Ink Cartridges, Toners and Stationery Supply

21)  Healthcare & Anti-Sickness / Anti-aging Technology - Bian stone Therapy

22)  China Property Development & Sales Project in Xiamen, Zhangzhou China

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