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As one of the leading Chinese agricultural machinery brand, YTO tractors cover 17~200 horsepower wheeled tractors and 70~150 horsepower crawler tractors as well as their farm implements. In addition, it also produces harvest machinery of various models and types which are used for wheat, rice, corn, etc. It provides complete sets of equipment which are used for plowing, seeding, harvesting and field management. Its marketing and service networks cover various places of China, and moreover, it has established factories, plants, field offices, sales and service agencies in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australia, etc.

YTO Tractor was first built in 1955 and as the birthplace of the first tractor of China in 1958, was called to be the Kingdom of Tractors. After continuous efforts by several generations of staff for more than fifty years, it has now developed into a modern enterprise which can be able to provide series of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, power machinery, vehicle and spare parts & components. YTO brand was awarded as the Famous Brand of China by China Administration for Industry and Commerce in 1999, and won the prize of "China Top Brand" in 2006. In 2005, the sales volume of tractors is up to 164,000, taking the first place in the same industry; the sales volume of farming construction machinery taking the first place in the same industry with 5480; 75,000 diesel engines, being the first in off-road diesel engine industry; and the road roller takes the second place with the sales volume of 2050 rollers.

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Over Than 200hp YTO Tractors

YTO LX2204

160hp-180hp YTO Tractors

YTO 1804  YTO 1604

100hp-130hp YTO Tractors

YTO X1304  YTO X1204  YTO X1004  YTO X1254

70hp-90hp YTO Tractors

YTO X904  YTO X854  YTO X850  YTO X804  YTO X800  YTO X754  YTO X750  YTO X704  YTO X700  YTO X900

60hp-70hp YTO Tractor

YTO MG600  YTO MG604  YTO MG650  YTO MG654  YTO MG700  YTO MG704

30hp-60hp YTO Tractor

YTO 604  YTO 600  YTO 554  YTO 550  YTO 504  YTO 500  YTO 404  YTO 400  YTO-ME354  YTO-ME350  YTO-ME304  YTO-ME300  YTO 450  YTO 454

18hp-28hp YTO Tractor

YTO SG254  YTO 200  YTO 180  YTO SG184  YTO SG204  YTO SE250  YTO SG284

YTO Tractor with EEC Certificate

YTO 404 EEC  YTO 504D EEC  YTO 804 EEC  YTO 904 EEC  YTO X1004 EEC  YTO X1254 EEC

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