Sunnforest NSK Ball Bearings

NSK Ball Bearings

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NSK Cylindrical Roller Bearing

The cylindrical roller is in the linear contact with the bearing race and has a large loading capacity, capable of carrying large and punching loads and applicable to high-speed rotation. Such bearing is in multiple varied structures including single-row, double-row and four-row ones and mainly applied to a wide range of motors, dynamos, combustion turbines, main shafts of machine tools, reducing gears, handling machineries and transporters; therein, the four-row cylindrical roller bearing is mainly applied to the rolling mill.
Inner diameter: 20-1300 mm
Model for single row roller: NU, N, NJ, NF, NH and NUP series
Model for double row roller: NN and NNU series
Model for four row roller: FC, FCE and FCDP series
Seal: Z, 2Z, RS, 2RS, RZ, 2RZ, ZN, 2ZN
inner packing:
Individual paper boxes, industrial packing.
Outer packing:
Standard export cartons, pallets

Sunnforest produce full range bearings at competitive price and ensure the highest quality. Sunnforest can also custom-make non-standard bearings for you. We firmly believe that only super quality, reasonable price and earnest service can win our customers. Please contact us for all your Ball bearing requirement.

 sunnforest ball bearings
Sunnforest has been supplying NSK bearings for many years.For decades,NSK bearings has developed countless new bearings,to meet the needs of users around the world,and industrial development and technological progress has made a significant contribution.NSK bearing the same time,by virtue of its precision processing of the technological advantages and constantly develop auto parts,high precision and advanced products in the electronic application areas as active diversification.

NSK Original Bearings


(1)Shield / closure: Open ball bearing, Z, ZZ, RS, 2RS, 2RZ

(2)Tolerance code: ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7

(3)Vibration level: V4, V3, V2, V1

(4)Radial play: C0, C2, C3, C4

(5)Material: AISI52100, AISI440C, AISI304, AISI316

(6)Retainer: PTFE, nylon, PEEK or (stainless)steel
NSK Bearing
NSK Ball bearings

 NSK Ball bearings packing box

NSK Original Bearing Number Specification

NSK Bearings N200  Series Item No N203-N264 (Bore Diameter(mm): 17-320)
NSK Bearings N300  Series Item No N304-N352 (Bore Diameter(mm): 20-260)
NSK Bearings N400  Series Item No N405-N430 (Bore Diameter(mm): 25-150)
NSK Bearings N1000 Series Item No N1005-N10/500 (Bore Diameter(mm): 25-500)
NSK Bearings NF200 Series Item No NF203-NF264 (Bore Diameter(mm): 17-320)
NSK Bearings NF300 Series Item No NF304~NF352 (Bore Diameter(mm): 20-260)
NSK Bearings NF400 Series Item No NF405~NF430(Bore Diameter(mm): 25-150)
NSK Bearings NP200 Series Item No NP203~NP264(Bore Diameter(mm): 17-320)
NSK Bearings NP300 Series Item No NP304~NP352 (Bore Diameter(mm): 20-260)
NSK Bearings NP400 Series Item No NP405~NP430 (Bore Diameter(mm): 25-150)
NSK Bearings NUP200 Series Item No NUP203~NUP264 (Bore Diameter(mm): 17-320)
NSK Bearings NUP300 Series Item No NUP304~NUP352 (Bore Diameter(mm): 20-260)
NSK Bearings NUP400 Series Item No NUP405~NPU430 (Bore Diameter(mm): 25-150)
NSK Bearings NUP2200 Series Item No NUP2204~NUP2252 (Bore Diameter(mm): 20-260)
NSK Bearings NUP2300 Series Item No NUP2304~NUP2340 (Bore Diameter(mm): 20-200)
NSK Bearings NJ200 Series Item No NJ203-NJ264 (Bore Diameter(mm): 17-320)
NSK Bearings NJ300 Series Item No NJ304-NJ352 (Bore Diameter(mm): 20-260)
NSK Bearings NJ400 Series Item No NJ405-NJ430 (Bore Diameter(mm): 25-150)
NSK Bearings NJ2200 Series Item No NJ2204~NJ2252 (Bore Diameter(mm): 20-260)
NSK Bearings NJ2300 Series Item No NJ2304~NJ2340 (Bore Diameter(mm): 20-200)
NSK Bearings NU200 Series Item No NU203/E-NU264/E (Bore Diameter(mm): 17-320)
NSK Bearings NU300 Series Item No NU304/E-NU352/E (Bore Diameter(mm): 20-260)
NSK Bearings NU300 Series Item No NU405-NU430 (Bore Diameter(mm): 25-150)
NSK Bearings NU1000 Series Item No NU1005-NU10/500 (Bore Diameter(mm): 25-500)
NSK Bearings NU2200 Series Item No NU2204/E-NU2252/E (Bore Diameter(mm): 20-250)
NSK Bearings NU2300 Series Item No NU2304/E-NU2340/E(Bore Diameter(mm): 20-200)
NSK Bearings NN3000 Series Item No NN3005/K-NN3064/K(Bore Diameter(mm): 25-320)
NSK Bearings NNU4900 Series Item No NNU4920/K-NNU4964/K(Bore Diameter(mm):100-320)

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