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Sunnforest has been established in 1992, specialized in supplying and exporting of genuine parts as well as OEM parts for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, European and US trucks & automobile of the highest quality, with exact fit and function, as well as access to trained service personnel with extensive knowledge about your particular vehicle.

Sunnforest also supply full range of Spare parts for Chinese, Japanese & US Auto and Trucks, with our professional knowledge and quality service. Brands including HOWO A7, HOWO, STEYR, STEYR-KING, DLONG(SHACMAN), OLONG. HONGYAN, FAW, JAC, DFAC, FOTON, YTO, YUEJIN, DONGFENG, EATON FULLER, RENAULT, MERCEDES BENZ,TOYOTA, HONDA, MAZDA, ISUZU, HINO, NISSAN, SUBARU, DAEWOO, HYUNDAI etc.

And, with our global network you are guaranteed fast deliveries and services, wherever you are.

Guide to Auto & Truck Spare Parts

A gasket is a mechanical seal that serves to fill the space between two objects, generally to prevent leakage between the two objects while under compression. Gasket range such as head gasket, top set gasket and overhaul gasket is all available here.

 Piston ring & engine valve
Piston Ring & Engine Valve
A piston ring is an open-ended ring that fits into a groove on the outer diameter of a piston in an internal combustion engine. Engine valve pertains to valves or systems that control the flow of fuel-air mixtures or exhaust gases from internal combustion engines.
Glow Plug
Glow Plug
Glow plugs are used to heat the combustion chambers of some diesel engines in cold conditions to help ignition at coldstart. In the tip of the glow plug is a coil of a resistive wire or a filament which heats up when electricity is connected.
Engine bearing
Engine Bearing
In a piston engine, the main bearings or engine bearings are the bearings on which the crankshaft rotates.Our company offers you more choices than any of our competitors when it comes to engine replacement bearings.

Transmission system

clutch cover and pressure plate
Clutch cover and pressure plate
Clutch Plate
Clutch plate
Clutch Housing
Clutch housing
Drive shaft group
Single lever control system
Double lever control system
Drive shaft
Combined pedal-1

Steering System

Steering gear support
Steering drag link
Steering shaft with steering column
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