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Sunnforest Mesh Nets

Sunnforest Mesh Nets  for packaging fruits and vegetables, Christmas Tree Netting, Packing nets,etc

Sunnforest offer knitted tubular mesh netting made from polyethylene. The packing mesh nets are available sizes and colours. Basic colours are lemon yellow, dark yellow, orange, red, additinally green and white. Other colours on request.

The nets are being produced in standard diameters of 160 mm, 210 mm and 250 mm, differentlly we are able make nets in diameters from 100 mm up to 450 mm owing to the customerĀ“s requests. Wrapping - standardly in hanks of 250 meters, but according to the customers needs also 200 meters or in sacks of 500 meters or also in a different way in accordance with the cusmoterĀ“s wish.

Sunnforest Knitted tubular Mesh Netting
Continuous knitted tubular Mesh netting are ideal solution for packaging of various agricultural products, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, citrus fruits, dried fruits, nuts etc. and in case of need also Christmas trees. It is a very economic way of packing. The nets are strong, flexible and have a lot of more possibilities in use.

All enquiries are highly valued and welcome.

Custom Made Mesh Nets

Sunnforest packaging mesh nets are Ideal packaging for unlimited range of products its open mesh structure allows the product to be seen and also enhances the looks of the package, generally used for combination packs or as desired.
Sunnforest packaging nets can be used to pack fruits, toys, gift items chocolates etc
The nets are available in wide range of Width & Colours, available in Roll form or precut sizes.

Mesh Nets Specification

Material: Polypropylene
colour:   As required
Size:     As required
Weight:   18gram-60gram
Usage:    Storage and packing

Packing 1kg -50kg onions, etc

Customized sizes, designs and logo are welcome

Packing Mesh Nets for Variety of Fruits and Vegetables

mesh nets for pomelo
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