Sunnforest Cultivator


Sunnforest Cultivator

A complete range of cultivator, cultivator machinery, subsoiler cultivator, etc is available from Sunnforest.  Contact us for your cultivator exact requirement.

Sunnforest Cultivator Products

3ZF-6 Cultivator Dressing Machine
3Z-4 Cultivator Dressing Machine
6-Tine Cultivator
6-Tine Cultivator
3Z Cultivator Cum Ridger
FM3ZY Tyne Ridging Cultivator 
FM3ZT Spring Cultivator 
FM3ZS Cultivator
FM3ZS Cultivator  
FM3S Subsoiler Cultivator 
1S-300 Subsoiler-cultivator
1S-300 Subsoiler Cultivator  
3Z-2 Cultivator Dressing Machine
Cultivator for tractor
TS3ZT Cultivator
As a novel cultivator developed by our company according to the demand of the international market, TS3ZT dual-spring cultivator adopts a dual-spring straining device. During the working process of the cultivator, the gunnel can automatically kick up when coming across an obstructer and can restore to the original working status after getting over the obstructer. In this way, the gunnel is under protection. The machine has the advantages of convenient row pitch adjustment and easy depth adjustment. The machine is suitable for intertillage ripping operation in corn, cotton, beans and peas fields.

Model  Unit  TS3ZT-1.0  TS3ZT-1.4  TS3ZT-1.8  TS3ZT-2.2   working width       M  1.0  1.  1.8  2.2   no. of tines     5  7  9  11   working depth  Mm  100~200   total weight  Kg  260  300  350  420   matched power  Hp  25  30~40  40~50  50~70
TS3ZS Cultivator
TS3ZS Cultivator
TS3ZS cultivator can carry out various field operations including bedding up, soil draught, weeding, etc. The machine which adopts S-shaped teeth has the advantages of good elasticity, high strength, better adaptability, etc.
A complete range of Cultivator Products is available from Sunnforest. Contact us for all your Disc Harrow equipment requirement.
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