Sunnforest Extra Tough Gloves

Sunnforest XT Series Extra Tough Gloves is built Extra Tough for the most rugged of applications & designed with extra protection in mind.
Cut Resistant Marine Grade Gloves

Sunnforest Extra Tough Gloves

Titan XT Gloves

Sunnforest Titan XT is a form-fit, reinforced performance glove featuring foam padding and TPR knuckles on top of hand for smash & pinch protection. Also features safety lime coloring and 3M Scotchlite™ for increased visibility and awareness. This glove offers total hand protection and lasting durability without sacrificing dexterity.

Heavy Utility XT Gloves

Sunnforest Heavy Utility XT is a heavy duty performance work glove featuring a 4” safety cuff and non-slip SuperSaddle. The top of hand features double knuckle protection and moisture wicking stretch nylon. The palm is a base layer of synthetic leather with non-slip reinforcement for grip and durability. The 4” safety cuff provides superior wrist protection from splinters when handling wood or climbing.

Waterproof Winter XT Gloves

Sunnforest Waterproof Winter XT is a heavy duty winter work glove designed to keep you warm in extra harsh winter conditions. The 'added warmth' features include a double-sided micro-fleece liner, waterproof membrane, 200grams of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation and an extended gauntlet cuff.

Ropework XT™ Gloves

Sunnforest Ropework XT™ is an ergonomic work glove specifically designed for rope access professionals. It features tacky Ropegrip™ palm reinforcement that greatly enhances grip and reduces hand fatigue. The top of hand is lined with Kevlar® for cut-resistance. Memory foam padding dampens shock and increases protection. The heavy duty grommet allows for easy hang storage to a carabiner. The Ropework XT™ is ideal for Arborists, Rescue and all Rope Access Trades. Designed and developed in conjunction with COR ERGONOMIC SOLUTIONS.

Slip Fit XT Gloves

Sunnforest Slip Fit XT Gloves is a multi-purpose, comfortable and durable performance work glove. The glove features a double layer of soft, flexible synthetic suede on the palm, double knuckle protection and a slip-fit cuff. Ideal for a range of applications from yardwork to construction trades.

Leather Utility XT Gloves

Sunnforest Leather Utility XT is made of 100% high quality goatskin leather and sewn into an ergonomic, 3-D performance glove pattern to provide excellent dexterity, support and durability. The result is increased efficiency, productivity, safety and comfort for workers. This rugged glove was co-developed with Southern California Edison Linemen.

Pro XT Gloves

Sunnforest Pro XT is an extra heavy duty glove designed for rugged applications and total hand protection. The non-slip reinforced palm, fingers and thumb ensures lasting durability and grip. Youngstown's unique 'one-piece saddle' reinforces this critical wear area. The top of hand features double knuckle protection and moisture wicking fabrics. It also features a terry cloth thumb wipe and supportive, velcro cuff and closure. If you are doing heavy duty work like logging, landscaping, demolition or farming - this is the glove for you.

Fusion XT Gloves

The Sunnforest Fusion XT Gloves combines a unique blend of a goat skin leather palm with a technical top of hand sewn into a form-fit performance glove pattern.
Product Features:

Double Layered Synthetic Suede Palm
Dextrous Form-fit Design
Terry Cloth Brow Wipe on Thumb
Double Knuckle Protection on Top of Hand
Machine Wash / Air Dry
Available in Sizes Small through XXL
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