Overview:   Adopt the overseas technology and domestic airport application experience, with the elaborate design,it is reliable and durable,with reasonable layout and good shape.

Rotary table:   Welded of heavy duty channel steel and thick steel, 360 rotation,it can be fixed at the position of 90 through the footboard.

Roller:   The roller is made of seamless steel pipes,connected by bearings at two ends,due to galvanizing treatment,the container can move smoothly on its surface.

Steering mechanism:  
With steering joints and lateral drawbar for the change of direction for front wheel, the vehicle can turn with easily and flexibly.

Rear tow-hook: Operated conveniently, with self-locking device, there is no throw-off-hook caused by the vibration during travel.

Adopt domestic renowned rubber solid tyre, the loading capacity is higher with better wearing resistance and longer long service life. The lateral side of the tyre is secured with anti-collision steel ring, which can better protect the tyre.

Braking mechanism:
Connected by flexible shaft for brake, the brake system can be activated once erect or lay down the drawbar.

Surface treatment: 
Adopt unichrome process after shot blasting integrally, also made-to-measure according to customer requirements is available.

 SH1.6T006 Container trailer technical parameter
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