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Sunnforest distributes a complete range of packing machine, carton packing machine,carton sealers,strapping machine,vacuum packaging machine,packaging materials & packing machine related spare parts.  We offer a one stop solution to all your packing machine & spare parts requirement.All enquiries are welcome.
UA34X Labeling Machine
UA57X Labeling Machine
UA6700 Automatic Labeling Machine
UAS Semi-automatic Labeling Machine
UA-200 Automatic Labeling Machine
UA1 Case Erectors
UA2 Case Erectors
UA3 Case Erectors
UA4 Case Erectors
UA6 Case Erectors
UA700 Automatic Carton sealer Machine
A2000 Labeling Machine
AB2000 Labeling Machine

 AC2000 Automatic Labeling Machine

 B72 Semi-automatic Labeling Machine

 B2000 Automatic Labeling Machine
CF-10T Case Erectors
CF-20T Case Erectors
CF-20T Case Erectors
CF-30TB Case Erectors
CF-40TH Case Erectors

 MH-FJ-1AW Automatic Carton sealer Machine
MA-UA Mini Automatic Carton Sealer machine
UA Mini Automatic Carton Sealer machine
UA-W With Guard Automatic Carton Sealer
UAX-77 Side-band Automatic Carton sealer
UA-X3CC Carton Sealer
UA-S22 Automatic Carton Sealer machine
UAS-33 Automatic Carton sealer Machine
UAS-45 Bottom belt Automatic Carton Sealer
UAS-66 Automatic Carton Sealer
UAS-67 Automatic Carton Sealer
UAS-68 Automatic Carton Sealer
Standard UA-S7 case sealer

 MA Mini Automatic Carton Sealer machine

 MD Mini Automatic Carton Sealer machine

 MH-FJ-3A With Guard Automatic Carton Sealer

 MH-FJ-3B Side-band Automatic Carton sealer

 MH-FJ-3D Automatic Carton Sealer machine

 MH-FJ-1A Automatic Carton sealer Machine

 YS-503 Bottom belt Automatic Carton Sealer

 YS-502 Automatic Carton Sealer

 YS-501D Automatic Carton Sealer

 YS-501AW Automatic Carton Sealer

 Standard MH-FJ-3AR case sealer
Sunnforest can provide cujstomised packaging solution according to customer's budget and requirement. Contact us for more details.
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