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YTO CA702 Crawler Tractor
Type Agricultural crawler type
Dimension(LengthxWidthxHeight) (With earth-moving shovel) mm 4870x2462x2432
(Without earth-moving shovel) mm 4466x1835x2432
Min. operating weight Kg 6300/6800(equipped with earth-moving shovel)
Wheeltread mm 1435
Wheelbase mm 1622
Width of crawler mm 390
Ground specific pressure kPa 44.2/47.7(equipped with earth-moving shovel)
Diesel engine
Model LT4B3
Type Vertical,water-cooling,four-stroke
Displacement L 4.58
Rated power and speed Kw/r/min 51.5/2200
Gears forward/rear 4/2
Speed forward/rear Km/h 3.67-9.03/3.51-5.59
Power of power takeoff shaft Kw/r/min 44
Speed of PTO r/min 720
Clutch 12-inch double-disc single-action
Work attachments
Type pf three-point linkage Rear-mounted two-point or three-point class-II linkage
Depth-control method Height adjustment
Lifting force Kn 12.8
Size of earth-moving shovel (Width x Height) mm 2462x850
Underground depth of earth-moving shovel mm 290

YTO CA702 Crawler Tractor

1. Tractor with high performance price ratio,which can be widely used in agricultural land operations and earth-moving operation.
2. Dry-type double-disc single-action main clutch, which is easy to operate and has long service life.
3. 4+2 transmission equipped with sliding gear for shifting operation,which has reliable performance and is suitable for various operations.
4. Multiple-disc dry-typesteering clutch,and floating-type belt brake which enables reliable braking operation,
5. Freely-supported beam structure for final drive,which has the advantages including high supporting strength and high reliability.
6. Wide crawler available for works on low and wet land,and rubber crawler available for increasing the trafficability.

Product name: YTO CA702 Crawler Tractor
Engine power: 70 horse power
Engine brand & model: YTO LT4B3
Min Order Qty: 1 unit
Delivery Time: 35 days
Country of Origin: China 
YTO CA702 Crawler Tractor
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