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YTO C602 Crawler Tractor
Type Agricultural crawler type
Dimension(LengthxWidthxHeight) (With earth-moving shovel) mm 3760x2016x1680
Min. operating weight(With earth-moving shovel) Kg 3700
Wheeltread mm 1100
Wheelbase mm 1600
Width of crawler mm 310
Ground specific pressure(with shovel) kPa 37.2
Diesel engine
Model YT3B2
Type Vertical,water-cooling,four-stroke
Displacement L 3.3
Rated power and speed Kw/r/min 44/2400
Gears forward/rear 8/4
Speed forward/rear Km/h 1.97-13.94/2.20-6.60
Power of power takeoff shaft Kw/r/min 37
Speed of PTO r/min 540/720
Clutch 11-inch double-disc double-action
Work attachments
Type pf three-point linkage Rear-mounted two-point or three-point class-II linkage
Depth-control method Height adjustment
Lifting force Kn 8
Size of earth-moving shovel (Width x Height) mm 2016x680
Underground depth of earth-moving shovel mm 260

YTO C602 Crawler Tractor

1. Suitable for operations in agricultural land and orchard, and small-quantity earth-moving operation as well.
2. Dry-type double-disc disc-spring-compressed double-action main clutch, which is easy to operate.
3. Transmission composed of engagement sleeve based gear shifting mechanism (2+1)x4,which has a lot of gears,ans is easy to control and suitable for various operations.
4. Multi-disc dry-type steering clutch of which the friction discs are made of new material and have long service life,and floating-type belt brake which enables reliable braking operation.
5. Semi-steel suspension system,which increases the earth-moving performance.

Product name: YTO C602 Crawler Tractor
Engine power: 60 horse power
Engine brand & model: YTO YT3B2
Min Order Qty: 1 unit
Delivery Time: 35 days
Country of Origin: China 
YTO C602 Crawler Tractor
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