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KAT Tractor 2804
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KAT Tractor 1604
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KAT Tractor 1804
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KAT Tractor 1104
KAT is a Sino-Foreign joint venture, focusing on the manufacturing agricultural machinery. With the design concept of construction machinery and the advantage of XCMG Research Institute, KAT adopts the advanced design method and chooses the mature parts of vehicle and construction machinery, featuring integrated frame and modularized power train. KAT has the proprietary intellectual property rights, and gains the national patent. The tractor adopts the structure, which is convenient to equip with various construction equipments and other devices to enhance the functions and efficiency of the tractor.

KAT takes the large horsepower tractor as the product development direction,  the models KAT1104, KAT1204, KAT1304, KAT1404, KAT1604 and KAT1804 has been launched in the market. With the unique integrated frame and modularized power train, the product could adapt to the highly efficient work in farmland, transportation, digging, shoveling, hoisting, and road building, which improves the utilization ratio of the tractor to build New Socialist Countryside.

With the integrated frame, independent and extensible PTO, our KAT tractors can add the attachment of loading, digging, bulldozing, and lifting conveniently. Expand the function of the tractor and improve the utilization ratio of the tractor.

In terms of the parts, the tractor can adopt the mature technology in heavy truck and construction machinery, such as the technologies of disc brake, wet clutch, synchronizer, and oil and gas power. With the development advantage of other industries, the company accelerates to improve the technology of the tractor.

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