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Dongfeng 25hp-40hp G2 Tractor
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Dongfeng 25hp-40hp AU Tractor
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Dongfeng 20hp-40hp Tractor
Dongfeng DF404 Tractor with EEC

 Dongfeng DF404 tractor
Dongfeng DF904 Tractor with Cabin

 Dongfeng DF904 Tractor
Dongfeng DF354 AU Tractor

 Dongfeng DF354 AU Tractor
Dongfeng 604 Tractor

 Dongfeng 604 Tractor
Dongfeng G2 Tractor with FEL

 Dongfeng G2 Tractor
Dongfeng DF254 Tractor with EFL and Backhoe

 Dongfeng DF254 tractor
Dongfeng DF354 Tractor with Cabin

 Dongfeng DF354 Tractor
Dongfeng DF254 EEC Tractor with FEL

 Dongfeng DF254 tractor
Dongfeng EEC Tractors

 Dongfeng EEC Tractors
Dongfeng 254 Tractor

 Dongfeng 254 Tractor
DONGFENG is one of the state first class enterprises. Its main products are walking tractor / power tiller of 6-18HP, four-wheel tractor of 18-90HP and implements under the brand name of CHANGTUO and pedal car for children. Its average annual production of walking tractor/power tiller is around 120,000 sets and production capacity of four-wheel tractor is 30,000 sets. The annual export value is 80 million US dollars.

DONGFENG brand four wheel tractor is made by CAD and CAM technology. The enterprise is the one of the largest manufacturer of tractors. It owns the top class farm machinery research institute in its trade, 117 sets advanced machining centers and equipment with numerical control and 18 automatic and semi-automatic production lines.

The enterprise insists on quality first and consumer first and establishes perfect quality control system. In August,1996,the enterprise obtained ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate and repassed the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate of Quality Management System in 2004. Furthermore, the DONGFENG brand had been awarded the title of China Wellknown trade mark, the DONGFENG brand walking tractor/power tiller Model DF-12 won the "State Gold Medal" twice . And in 2002, it got CIQ awarded by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the Peoples Republic of China.

Since 1952,the total quantity of its main products is over 2.5 million sets. Owing to the excellent performance, reliable quality and high prestige, DONGFENG brand products have been not only sold well for so many years in domestic market but also widely accepted in international market over 70 countries and regions such as USA, Australia, UK, Bengal, India, Sri Lanka and so on.

Contact us in Singapore for all your Dongfeng tractor,Dongfeng vehicles and Dongfeng spare parts requirement. We can ship worldwide.

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