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Model  unit  1BZ(BX)-2.0  1BZ(BX)-2.5  1BZ(BX)-3.0   Working width  m  2.0  2.5  3.0   Working depth  mm  180~200  180~200  180~200   Q'ty of disc     20  24  28   Disc diameter  mm  660(650)600(610)  660(650)600(610)  660(650)600(610)   Total weight  kg  1050  1200  1350   Matched power  hp  70~80  80~100  100~120   Linkage                         Semimounted
1BZ(BX) semi-mounted offset heavy-duty harrow is suitable for stubbing before plowing and crushing soil after plowing in the waste land and heavy soil. The harrow can also replace a plow to carry out the first operation in the long-cultivated land. The depth of one time plowing in the uncultivated land can reach 180 mm. The harrow performs well in surface leveling, soil crushing and stubbing after plowing. The harrow has the advantages of easy hanging, convenient adjustment, flexible turning, good road passing performance, etc
1BZ(BX) Semi-mounted Hydraulic Disc Harrow
Hydraulic Disc Harrow attachment for tractor
Model    unit  1BZ-1.8  1BZ-2.2  1BZ-2.5  1BZ-3.0  1BZ-3.4  1BZ-4.0   Working width  m  1.8  2.2  2.5  3.0  3.4  4.0   Working depth  mm  180~200  180~200  180~200  180~200  180~200  180~200    Q'ty of disc     16  20  24  28  32  36     Disc diameter  mm  660(650) 600(610)  660(650) 600(610)  660(650) 600(610)  660(650) 600(610)  660(650) 600(610)  660(650) 600(610)   Total weight    kg  1100  1250  1350  1450  1550  1700   Matched power  hp  >70  >80  80~100  100~120  120~150  140~160   Linkage  (Trailed )
Absorbing the advantages of advanced foreign like products, 1BZ pull type hydraulic offset heavy-duty disc harrow has a standard design. The complete machine adopting an integral structure is mainly suitable for stubbing before plowing, breaking the hardened field surface, cutting up straws and returning to the field, leveling and preserving soil moisture, etc. The harrow can replace a plow to carry out soil plowing operation in a long-cultivated land with high operational efficiency and great capacity of soil piecing and crushing. After plowing, the field surface is flat and the soil is loose and broken. The disc harrow is well adaptive to heavy soil, waste land and land blocks with much weed.
1BZ Pull Type Hydraulic Disc Harrow
Disc Harrow
A complete range of farm tillage equipment is available from Sunnforest like Ploughs, Disc harrow,cultivators, Rotary Tiller, etc. All enquiries are highly valued and welcome.
Disc harrow (disk harrow), heavy duty/ medium/light, offset light duty disc harrow, opposed light duty disc harrow. 

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