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  砭术十六法        在古砭石疗法和民间石疗法的基础上,针对现代人的特点推出新砭石疗法的十六种基本方法,称作砭术十六法,包括 1) 感 2) 压 3) 滚 4) 擦 5) 刺 6) 划 7) 叩 8) 刮 9 )扭 10) 旋
11) 振 12) 拔 13) 温 14) 凉 15) 闻 16) 挝
(16) The Beat Method (挝法)

The Beat method, similar to the listening method, is another music therapy of beating the instrument. Mi Heng, a scholar in the three kingdoms period, beat the drum for Cao Cao. His elegant beating was called three Yu Yang Beats. This method is to beat the chime stone by oneself. Listening to the chime stone is beneficial for one’s health, so is beating chime stone.

Confucius stroke the chime stone to cultivate his mind and body, according to the The Analects of Confucius. When Confucius beat the chime stone in Wei country, a man carrying a straw basket listened to the chime stone struck by Confucius, exclaiming: The chime stone really speaks for you! Confucius was in bad mood during his stay in Wei country, and he beat the chime stone to refresh himself physically and mentally. The sound, including the ultrasonic waves, of SiBin-Huwen Chime Stone can penetrate the human body and spread to the body through the air medium when one listens. Therefore, the energy the beater receives is larger than that of a listener. Both the listening method and the beat method (with a slight difference from the SiBin-Huwen Chime Stone beating), are Bianstone therapeutics. SiBin-Huwen Chime Stone and the stone lute are used for family health. One strikes, and the others listen, making a harmonious, happy and healthy family.
Bianstone musical stone
Bianstone beat method

 bianstone listening method
(15) The Listening method  (闻法)

The listening method, a music therapy, mainly refers to listening to the chime stone. Listening to SiBin-Huwen Chime Stone does mental and physical benefits for one's health. The music therapy has drawn increasing attentions, and it has significant effects on treating many diseases, especially the mental illnesses, such as easy irritability, insomnia, amnesia, melancholia, phobia and so on. SiBin-Huwen Chime Stone, made of the natural rocks: Sibin pumice, produces the natural sounds. Listening to the classic chime stone or the music played by the stone lute can bring joy to one's soul and refresh the mind.

There is another ear-canal listening method. To plug the ear canal with the rear of the Bianstone board and scrape the edge of the Bianstone board with the finger, making it send out sound and ultrasound. This approach could promote blood flow of the ear and the brain .It can be used for prevention and treatment of headache, tinnitus, hypertension and other cerebrovascular diseases.
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Sixteen Method of Bian Stone Therapy
About Bian Stone  关于砭石
Summary of the 16 methods of Bianstone Therapy
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